Sabtu, 17 September 2011

"The Mirage Monster" Mike Portnoy Drum Setup

drum setup peralatan ukuran cymbal tom tam mike portnoy mirage monster terbaru lengkap dream theater drummer legendaris avenged sevenfold a7x[NC11-AM] Setelah sebelumnya sudah memposting tentang setup salah satu drum milik Mike Portnoy yag dikenal sebagai Siamese Monster, sekarang kita akan mengetahui drum set lain milik Mike Portnoy yang tidak kalah mengerikan, Mirage Monster. Jika anda penasaran dengan drum set ini, anda bisa melihatnya melalui foto yang ada di bawah ini.

"The Siamese Monster" Mike Portnoy Drum Setup

[NC11-AM] Sebelum mempublikasikan tentang The Mirage Monster, alangkah baiknya Altarer menampilkan setup drum milik Mike Portnoy yang lain, The Siamese Monster. Disebut monster karena memang tatanannya tidak seperti drum pada umumnya. Drum milik Mike ini mempunyai kerumitan di setiap sisinya.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

All About Chords

[NC11-AM] How does this sound: instead of sitting down with a bunch of boring theory textbooks, you can use *music* to understand how harmony and chords work on the guitar. Does that sound like a cool way to learn about guitar harmony? 

How Chord Progressions Work

[NC11-AM] Here's some tablature for a common chord progression that many popular songs are based on. You may hear songs like "What a Wonderful World," and "Cupid," by Sam Cooke, as well as some more modern tunes. I highly recommend singing a song you like as you play these changes. That makes the song come alive.

Blues Triad Mastery

[NC11-AM] "As if there weren't enough articles and lessons on triads already! What...we need another one?" Nah, you don't need the Blues Triad Mastery (BTM) lesson. I created BTM because I wanted to learn triads in a way that was fun for both fingers and ears. 
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